Meet the side…

Swanage Folk Festival, 2018

Name: Karen

Role: Deputy Foreman

Joined: 1989…..30 years ago this autumn!!

How I Joined: I joined at the suggestion of the then foreman, who I was working with. She was quite persuasive and my husband at the time danced with another side and I could see the fun that could be had, so wanted to try it for myself.

First dance out: Mmmm now there’s a question!
I think it was at an ale in Maidenhead but it was 30 years ago nearly, can’t quite remember!!

Favourite Morris Memory: At the end of a lot of dancing at Swanage Festival Phoenix celebrates by dancing in the sea. A couple of years ago one member tripped and fell in, losing her hat and getting thoroughly soaked. Caused great laughter with us and members of the public watching.

Swanage Folk Festival, 2014

Favourite Dance: Upton on Severn Stick Dance.

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