Meet the side…

Three Horseshoes, Winkwell 2019

Name: Jo and Ian

Role: dancers

Joined: 2018

How we joined: We joined after several years of Jo procrastinating about it… Ian thought he would support Jo, probably thinking it wouldn’t last šŸ˜

Living in Rickmansworth means we’ve seen Phoenix dancing at many local events. We have also known Sue (foreman) and Mike’s (Squire) daughter for many years so were aware of Phoenix through her. Ricky folk festival last year was when we first started talking about joining and we finally joined after the open evening on Wed 24th October 2018.

Thank you to everyone for making us feel welcome and having patience with us ‘old’ learners

Pirton, 2019

First dance out: Pirton may day in 2019

Favourite morris memory: dancing with chopsticks at the Coach and Horses Christmas meal.

Favourite dance: Ian – The Stomp. Jo – South Australia.

As we learn more this may well change.

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