Feeling hot hot hot

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Phoenix and the sun has most definitely been shining on us for every dance out!

Last weekend a small group of us attended the Queens Oak/ Rose and Castle weekend and had a fab time camping and dancing. As always,  the host sides did a fantastic job!


On Wednesday Phoenix joined a whole host of other sides for the annual St Michael’s evening in St Albans. It was the usual chaotic cacophony of Morris and loads of fun!


Today we danced at Fulmer Fete where we were ‘waistcoats off’ in the afternoon heat. Sadly the audience was somewhat depleted… apparently there was a football match going on…!


Small but perfectly formed…

With most of the side off on their holibobs a small but perfectly formed  group of dancers and musicians represented Phoenix at this year’s St Albans Folk Day. With only 6 dancers we were limited in our repertoire but made up for it by debuting 4 person versions of 6 person dances!


All in all it was another great day and Phoenix did themselves proud, finishing off with a lively ‘Three Musketeers’ outside St Albans Abbey.

Thanks again to our hosts,  St Albans Morris for having us!


Wonderful wednesday

Wednesday was a busy day for Phoenix. In the afternoon a group of us went to a local primary school to teach ‘A class some Morris dancing… turned out there were 300 of them! It was a great afternoon though and feedback from the school is that the kids are now making up their own dances 🙂

In the evening we danced at The Feathers in Ricmkansworth to celebrate Rickyweek here in Rickmansworth.  A good warm up for our weekend dancing at the Rickmansworth waterways festival this weekend!

Bank holiday frivolity!

Phoenix had a fantastic May Day bank holiday weekend with not one but two dance outs!


First up – our annual trip to Richester Sweeps. The sun was shining and everyone was in high spirits.  We danced with some fantastic sides and  generally had a great time.


On Monday we joined our friends Baldock Midnight Morris at the May fair in Pirton. Another beautiful day.  We especially enjoyed finishing up with a joint Balance the Straw.


An arch of sticks

The sun may not have been shining but the mood  definitely wasn’t dampened last Saturday at side members Kate and Paul’s wedding.

Phoenix were there to celebrate the happy couple with an arch of sticks outside the church followed by a performance at the drinks reception. FB_IMG_1524985106672

We debuted a brand new dance written especially for the occasion by our Foreman, Sue. Marriage Lines to the tune of ‘Haste to the wedding’. Kate joined in and managed to get through without falling over her dress.


A fantastic day. Congratulations to Kate and Paul!

Fun at Oxford Folk Weekend

Another fantastic folk weekend for Phoenix. We started off at the Botanical gardens, a brand new spot – a lovely place for dancing and some good audiences. 20180421_120540.jpg

At the second spot on Cornmarket, Steve made his Phoenix debut, performing Bluebells and Lads with great applomb!


Our last spot was on Bonn Square where we finished with our very own Batchworth stick which went remarkably well despite at least one dancer being in a new position!

Another great day!