Welcoming in the Merry month of May

May Day. Monday 1st May. 2023.

Although Phoenix may not have “Danced up the dawn’ as many other sides traditionally do, we were still dancing out – albeit a little later in the day!
This time we were taking our annual trip up to the village of Pirton, (Nr. Hitchin) Hertfordshire, as guests of our friends Baldock Midnight Morris.

Pirton village has a traditional May Pole on the green, and children from the local schools carry out their display of skipping around the May pole entwining their ribbons back & forth as they go. Tea & cakes were on offer at a house by the Green, as well as a barbecue, and an ice cream van for those in need of a sweeter kind of refreshment. The village pub was of course also open for thirsty dancers…during the breaks of course!

As usual we alternated dances with Baldock Midnight Morris, finishing with a mass “Vandals of Hammerwich” As Phoenix do an extra round in this dance, it meant Baldock finished ahead. Although it course, it is not a race!

Blog post and Baldock photo by Dennis, Phoenix musician

Photos by Jo, Phoenix dancer

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