Sweeping up in Rochester

Saturday 29th April 2023 & Phoenix were once again performing at Rochester Sweeps Festival. Most came down on the Friday, so we were bright & early for the 10.00am start at the first spot, “The Eagle”

We rotated with other sides of all traditions, breaking for lunch on St. Mary’s Meadow on Castle Hill. After all, it’s calorie consuming work, Morris dancing & these needed replenishing!

Having resumed, dancing continued at various places along the historic high street, until the final spot. Unfortunately at that point, we were just downwind of a nearby barbecue, which resulted in clouds of smoke drifting over the set from time to time. (Either that or Mike’s pipe was on fire!) Nevertheless, we finished in fine style as always.

Later, some of the side went for an evening meal in an Italian restaurant, whilst others went their own way.

The festival also marked another occasion for a certain Phoenix musician, it being exactly one year ago when he first played out in Phoenix Kit. He tells us he hasn’t looked back since!)

Blog post by Dennis, Phoenix musician

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