We’re still here…

It has been a whole year since Phoenix Morris made the decision to suspend Practice due to Covid-19. A whole year of no festivals, pub nights and ceilidhs.

BUT we are still here.

Over the past 12 months, Phoenix have carried on practising via Zoom every wednesday from the comfort of our various living rooms. We’ve held virtual, practices, a virtual AGM and even a virtual Christmas dinner complete with Charades.

We have taken part in the lone morris festivals. We managed to comply with Covid rules and hold a face to face practice during the gap between lockdowns.

Enjoying our annual side dinner via zoom

In a burst of creativity we even have 2 new dances written by side members who have decided to try their hands at writing a dance for the first time.

Phoenix morris are most definitely still standing and raring to get back to dancing whenever that becomes possible. We can’t wait to get our kit on and see our morris mates when events start up again.

We are still here and we really hope you will be too!

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