Meet the side…

Oxford Folk Festival 2016

Name: Kate

Role: Deputy Squire and E-officer

Joined: 2011

How I joined: I had seen some Morris dancers at a local festival and thought it looked fun and a good distraction from studying for my Masters degree! I contacted Phoenix because at the time they were the closest side to me who would accept women.

Once I started I never looked back! In fact I have since joined 2 other sides

First Dance Out: New Years Day parade in central London. It rained A LOT but we had such an amazing time both in the parade and then afterwards dancing in local pubs.

Favourite Morris memory: Dancing with Phoenix in my wedding dress at our wedding reception. Sue (Foreman) had even written us a special dance, ‘Marriage Lines’ to a tune called ‘haste to the wedding’. Phoenix did an arch of sticks as we left the church and it made our day so special.

Wedding 2018

Favourite Dance: Stomp Hankie

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