Morris Federation Day of Dance

Phoenix Morris’ 2nd visit to London within a week saw us out on tour on a not so sunny day at the Morris Federation Day of Dance 2018. This years dancing was held on the Southbank between Waterloo and London Bridge, part of a weekend based at Cecil Sharpe House hosted this year by New Esperance Morris.
A fun day but rather damp we danced with some friendly Sides. Our highlight was the final spot held under the arches near the Kings Arms Waterloo dancing with Phoenix Clog and Five Rivers Morris from Far away Sheffield.
A great finale to end our day. Some of us then headed back to Cecil Sharpe House where we enjoyed a concert on Canals of Old England and then danced the night away at the Ceilidh to Panjandrum, it was here we said our farewells to young Andrew (pictured below) who was off to University the following day but he has promised we definitely haven’t seen the last of him – we wish him all the very best!

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